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after seeing MARY´s LAND – TIERRA DE MARÍA. Thank you.


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  1. Fernando Lescano says:

    Awesome movie!! It really inspires to love the Holy Mother and Her Son! I really enjoyed it from its starting to the end. All the testimonies are really strong. Thanks for making this movie and share this peaceful message!

  2. Guy Murphy says:

    Awesome. It was a very talented and created way to share the good news of how merciful God is..

  3. Marissa Segura says:

    Amazing movie! Loved every bit! Wish it was playing EVERYWHERE a around the world!!! Thank you so much for making this movie!

  4. Frank Montez says:

    It was inspiring to know God’s still at work in the people’s hearts and minds . Still at work to bring his children back to Him . Still a merciful Father to His children and using Our Blessed Mother to bring us back from such misery . Amen !

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