Amada Rosa Pérez (Bogotá)

“I walked into a gym when I was 18 and someone asked me, ‘Would you like to be a model?’

And I thought, ‘money, parties, fame, success, travel… I do!’”

Four beauty contest prizes soon made her a top model and actress. A meteoric progress that was jeopardized by several pregnancies… which were easily solved.

“They told me that having children would end my career, but they didn’t tell me about the terrible consequences of killing them: depression, anxiety, nightmares… and the desire to end my own life.”

After several abortions, Amada Rosa sought happiness without commitment through Yoga, Reiki, Feng-shui, Tarot… without suspecting the hidden price she was unwittingly paying: “the Devil always wants something in return.”

And just like she had walked into a gym, one day she walked into a church. And she read, “Come to me, all ye who are weary and burdened, and I shall give you rest.”

“I confessed my sins and found the peace that I so longed for. Some will say I’m crazy, but the truth is that I’m happy.”