John Rick Miller (London)

Twenty-five years ago, this New York businessman was a US government advisor.

“In those days, if you wanted to raise my blood pressure, all you had to do was mention the Catholic Church.”

Today, John schedules appointments with world leaders and proposes that they devote their countries to Jesus and Mary. And far from dismissing him as a nutcase… they pay attention to him. How does he do it?

“Everybody listens to their mother. That’s why I take the Virgin Mary with me to all my appointments.”

In 10 years, his “Mission for The Love of God Worldwide” ( has earned a presence in 21 countries and 350 cities, while uniting one million people.

“The battle between Satan and God is real, even if most people don’t perceive it. In our hearts we know when something we do is wrong, even if we say it’s right.”

“Shall I introduce you to God’s advocate? Her name is Mary.”