Lucifer – Satan

You were created with unrivaled beauty and intelligence. You were so loved! The name your Creator gave you expressed your greatness: “Lucifer, bearer of light!” What did you do to lose that beautiful identity and become “Satan,” which means “adversary”?

You… serve an inferior creature? No!
You… love without understanding? No!
You… obey? No!

Refusing to accept God’s will has its consequences. The time to choose or reject God has a deadline. God didn’t force you to love Him… He let you decide your identity and fate… and you turned your back on Him forever, choosing an eternity in darkness. You are now what you wished to be: your own lord. You changed jobs and bosses: now you seek our destruction, tempting us to follow in your footsteps. Oh, Satan, what have you done!

“The smallest and meekest of my creatures shall be the one who with her bare foot shall crush your proud head. Begone.”