Salvador Íñiguez (Guadalajara)

This Mexican man leads a double life.

By day, from one home to the next, as a geriatric nurse. And by night, from one brothel to the next, approaching prostitutes and transvestites.

“What do you charge, little sister? Is that all? Nobody ever told you that you’re worth all of Christ’s blood?”

Then he tells them they have a Mother in Heaven, teaches them to say the rosary, speaks to them of God’s infinite mercy, reads the Bible with them…

“God has no favorite or special children. And Jesus doesn’t judge us, but rather shows us unconditional love. I don’t want these people to die without meeting Him.”

Just like Jesus Christ, Salvador is a “friend of sinners.” When accompanying him in the streets, you just can’t help remembering that proclamation: “[…] the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.”