Visionaries? (Medjugorje)

If you want to send a message of peace to the world… it doesn’t make sense to choose as your messengers six children from a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, who live under a Communist regime in a mostly Moslem country that is going through a war. It’s not a good plan. Yet… against all odds… it seems to be working.

Since 1981, over 30 million people from all over the world have gone to this town you couldn’t find on a map. Many others know of the village through the Internet, books, radio, TV… and what’s striking is that untold numbers of those that travel out of curiosity… return as believers, with a faith they had lost or had never before experienced. What happens to them there?

In his quest for the truth about God and that woman who so many claim is their Mother… the Devil’s Advocate also arrives in Medjugorje. Many are interested in finding out whether it is true that a group of six people see the Virgin. But that’s not the doubt the Devil’s Advocate harbors. His business is an Internal Affairs investigation: and if it were true that anybody can speak with the Virgin Mary, including him? And if it were true that Christ really forgives sins? What should we do, if someone offers us an effective formula to cast away our fears and restore peace? Test its efficacy, or pass up on the opportunity?