The Angels

To compliment someone for their kindness we say, “He’s an angel!”

We express the contrary when we say, “What a devil!”

Angels, both good and bad, love to disguise themselves to be more efficient. The good ones guide us toward God. The bad ones, in the opposite direction. The problem is that the bad ones disguise themselves as beauty, friendliness, kindness and love. A kiss… the perfect camouflage for betrayal. An apparently harmless physical ritual… can be the door to get into a soul.

Warning: choose your spiritual allies with caution. Because if you play with fire… you’ll get burned.

Use smoke detectors. For example, the word “forgiveness.” A bad spirit is incapable of saying it. And use extinguishers. Call upon Mary… call upon Jesus… and they, together with their good angels, will protect you from the bad ones.