The Boss

Strict, demanding:

“If you left your heart at home but have brought your brain cells, we can begin.”

An enemy of evasiveness, euphemisms, poetry:

“If someone says they speak with Michael Jackson, or that they receive messages from Marilyn Monroe, we suspect they’re lying or that they need a psychiatrist. There are millions of people who say they speak with Jesus Christ every day or that they receive messages from the Virgin Mary. Are they lying? Are they crazy? Or are they telling the truth?”

A cold and cerebral executive:

“They pay me to doubt and to solve mysteries. Investigate whether this movie is fiction or reality, whether it is comedy or drama. Find out why the romantic scenes are interrupted with segments of terror. And decide whether the ending is already written, or if it’s up to us.”

Brave, committed:

“If we discover that it’s all bogus, our lives will remain the same. But if it were true that God’s formulas work… Would you be afraid to change what needs to be changed?”